Annual Meeting



Dwayne Shernecker: He is a lifetime farmer and a lifetime policy holder with Medina Mutual. He has consecutively been on the board for 20+ years and is currently serving as the Vice Presdient.

Jason Schuster: My name is Jason Schuster and I am interested in becoming a Director with Medina Mutual.  I grew up on a farm in Southern Wisconsin with my parents being policy holders with Medina Mutual. 5 years ago, my wife and I purchased our own farm in Marshall and opened a policy with Medina Mutual.  We’ve been married for 6 years and have 3 children and I feel safe and secure with Medina Mutual being our Family and Farm Insurance Agency of choice. When approached with this opportunity I was very interested in learning more about the Insurance world and providing my farming experience to enhance the knowledge of the Agency I’ve been a part of my whole life. I look forward to the mutually beneficial partnership.

John Lutz: Hello. My name is John Lutz, and I farm outside of Marshall. I also have worked as a logistics and manufacturing supervisor for many years. I have been a Medina Mutual policyholder for all of my adult life. I am married and my wife Cheryl and I have six children (three boys and three girls) with just the youngest two remaining in high school. I recently left the Marshall School Board after completing my third three-year term, having served as president the last 3 years. I would be honored to now serve as a director on the Medina Mutual Insurance Company board, and I believe that my past experience will help provide guidance so Medina Mutual can continue on its path to being a great mutual insurer in the state of Wisconsin.